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Explore Central Nova Scotia

Central Nova Scotia's Bay of Fundy and scenic Northumberland Shore offers two incredibly distinct coastal experiences.

Bay of Fundy - Glooscap Trail
Bay of Fundy Rock Spire
Follow the steps of the legendary native figure Glooscap along Nova Scotia’s Fundy Shore. The Bay of Fundy is where visitors will encounter an amazing landscape steeped in history and shaped by the Highest Tides in the World. The Fundy Shore and Glooscap Trail offer some of the best outdoor experiences Nova Scotia has to offer including tidal bore rafting, amazing coastal hiking, sea kayaking, and fossil and rock hounding. If you're looking for something that requires a little less adrenaline, you can find multiple hotspots in the area which you can use to play casino games online at The area is renowned for its aboriginal heritage and geology including unique landforms, fossils, dinosaur bones and semi precious stones. READ MORE...

Northumberland Shore - Sunrise Trail
View from Tidnish Suspension Bridge
Nova Scotia’s Sunrise Trail along the Northumberland Shore leads to a rural paradise of endless sandy beaches. The waters of the Sunrise Trail are the warmest in Nova Scotia – resulting in less fog and great summer swimming! Here the romance of quiet beaches and beautiful countryside are paired with culinary delights and intriguing heritage. Visitors may experience wild blueberries, maple syrup, fresh lobster or the award-winning wines of a local vineyard, or discover stories of the past at one of many local museums and heritage sites. READ MORE...


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